22 nov 2018

Pamela, 30th January 1959

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Pamela C. Crighton laid the first brick for an office building in Amsterdam, Friday, 30th January 1959

magic-mary sienekederooij creatiefschrijvenUsually, it’s for a child:
the honour made into a game,
the most significant job,
the most precious stone of them all.

I picture you, Ponytail Pammy –
your white socks and black lacquered shoes,
a large pink bow in your hair.
You were freezing but no, no! No coat!
You wanted to show off your dress.

Your sister so jealous, oh yes,
both Director’s daughters, but she
was not so tiny and cute:
the trowel in both your hands,
the heavy stone in your dad’s,
the letters you could not read,
the tulips you nearly dropped.

Was everyone smiling soft smiles?
Were the workers clapping for you?
Was your brother spoiling the scene?
Were the brass players playing in tune?

Pamela C, are you here?
Or have you gone back to the States?
magic-mary-jane sienekederooij creatief schrijvenYou were born just after the war,
I’m sure we still could be friends.
I’d like to invite you for tea, but
no photo, no Facebook, no site,
your portrait nowehere to be found,
your image now here in our minds.

We pass by your name every day.


Sieneke de Rooij, oktober 2018

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