23 jul 2014

Dutch windmills in mourning

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(c) photo Sieneke de Rooij; molen De Gooyer AmsterdamWindmills all over the Netherlands are set in the mourning position today, participating in our very exceptional day of national mourning in remembrance of those who died in MH17. The lower sail of the windmill is positioned just a bit more to the right, symbolizing mourning by indicating: ‘It’s over, life has passed’.

I live close to one of Amsterdam’s remaining original mills and I’m very fond of it. To me, a working windmill on a sunny, windy day is such a joyful sight that never fails to make me happy. Today, they will all stand still respectfully.

My thoughts are with all who grieve for lives lost in MH17 and in war and conflict situations.

More about Tradition in Windmills on this page from RUG, Groningen University (Faculty of Arts).

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